Auctions! Parties! Classroom Art! Baskets!

Live Auction Items

A sampling so far…  

Disney World 
Feragamo Purse
Reserved Parking
Santa Barbara Beach Stay for 10
Raiders vs. Broncos for 4
Mangia! Mangia!
Peruvian Dinner for 10
Country Christmas Hay Ride

Silent Auction Items

A sampling so far…Coming Soon!

Classroom Art Projects

As projects are completed - pictures will be posted!
If you have questions about Classroom Art Projects, please contact
ABA Classroom Art Project Chair Cece Shanyfelt at

Junior High Baskets

As projects are completed - pictures will be posted!

Social Parties

2017 Party Offerings Coming Soon!

Enjoy these scenes from previous year's parties!
ABA_Social_Parties_201520160210_0020 ABA_Social_Parties_201520160210_0024 ABA_Social_Parties_201520151208_0036
ABA_Social_Parties_201520151204_0010 ABA_Social_Parties_201520160210_0018 ABA_Social_Parties_201520151208_0032
ABA_Social_Parties_201520151204_0002 ABA_Social_Parties_201520151208_0028 ABA_Social_Parties_201520151204_0008
ABA_Social_Parties_201520151204_0012 ABA_Social_Parties_201520151204_0006 ABA_Social_Parties_201520151204_0004
ABA_Social_Parties_201520151208_0038 ABA_Social_Parties_201520160210_0039

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