ABA Drawings! Opportunities! Activities!

There are a sundry of experiences and opportunities being offered at A Bountiful Affair. To familiarize yourself prior to November 5, please read the descriptions below:

Dessert Frenzy

Irresistible, delicious and beautiful temptations will be available for sale! Be quick to peruse the table and purchase your favorite sweet concoction before another swoops in and takes away. Each dessert is artfully presented and can either be shared at your table or taken home to be enjoyed.

Wine Grab

Wine Grab sells out quickly! All bottles on this table will be fine wine wrapped in paper bags….for $25 each you could purchase a great $25 bottle OR a fabulous $100 bottle…it’s fun and a worthy chance worth taking!

Social Parties

A Social Party Sign-Ups for experiences that are unique and fabulous and can only be purchased at A Bountiful Affair. Once the parties are filled up, that’s it! So be sure to sign-up quickly….before the opportunities are gone and you miss out!

Golden Ticket

Each time you bid on a silent auction item at the Golden Ticket level (highlighted on each sheet), you will be entered into the Golden Ticket drawing. The drawing will happen after the Live Auction!

Door Prize

What is an event without a door prize?! Simply fill out the bottom half of your ticket and turn in at the registration table. You will be entered to win a basket of really cool goodies! Drawing will happen after the Live Auction….a great opportunity that your student will also appreciate if you win!

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