Your support of ABA is important


I can’t say enough how important an event like A Bountiful Affair is to the success and sustainability of St. John’s Lutheran School! I hope you are aware of the unique position our school has in providing quality Christian education in the Bakersfield community. There aren’t many schools that have the wide diversity of students, the range of cultures and kind of support we receive from our St. John’s ministry.  It takes events like this to keep our doors open for those who sacrifice to make our program a priority for their children. Over $100,000 directly supports tuition assistance with another $50,000 to fund multiple child and staff discounts as well as offsetting the actual costs of educating a child.

The pay-off lasts far beyond our May graduation. Just ask one of our graduates about how prepared they are for high school. Better yet, talk to one of the area administrators about the quality students our school provides for their schools. Our school continues to challenge ourselves in adopting 21st century instructional practices and incorporating technology in our classrooms. Our staff is dedicated to the calling of not just challenging our students in academic subjects, but to integrate trust and faith in Jesus Christ into their life circumstances.

Please consider how you can participate in this event.  It takes all of us – from procurement, to volunteers, to sponsorships, to class projects – all make a difference in the life of each child.

Thank you for your gracious support!

Spencer Peregoy
Superintendent of St. John's Lutheran Schools

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