St. John’s Lutheran School offers a Hot Lunch program, which provides heathy lunches for students at a reasonable price. The lunches are prepared each morning by Fit Pantry in our school cafeteria. 

School lunch menus are prepared a month in advance and are available on Sycamore. Lunch orders are to be made through Sycamore only and are not available for order on the day of service. Emergency lunches are available. Please click here for more information and instructions on how to order hot lunch. 

Students have the choice of bringing lunch from home or purchasing the school prepared lunch. Nutritionally balanced lunches and snacks are important to help students maintain focus throughout the day, therefore, we discourage highly processed, prepackaged, or fast food.

Microwave ovens are not available for preparing individual student lunches.

Please click on the link to access the monthly cafeteria menu K-8 Lunch Menu .

Fit Pantry - School Lunch Program