The curriculum is established by the faculty and superintendent and is aligned with the Core Knowledge Curriculum and the California State Department of Education Standards. In keeping with the mission of the school, teachers relate instruction and activity to life in Jesus Christ. Students experience daily Bible classes and a weekly all-school chapel worship time.

Core Virtues

One virtue each month is the focus in every classroom according to the following schedule:

September Core Virtues: Respect and Responsibility

October Core Virtues: Diligence

November Core Virtue: Gratitude

December Core Virtue: Generosity

January Core Virtue: Courage

February Core Virtue: Loyalty

March Core Virtue: Compassion

April Core Virtues: Forgiveness

May Core Virtue: Hope


Worship, Bible Study, Catechism, Church History, Scripture Memory and Basic Christian Doctrine

Language Arts

Reading, Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Literature, Writing, and Oral Language


Numbers, Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Elementary Geometry

Social Studies

Geography, History, Citizenship, Constitution, and Current Events


Concepts in Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science


Art - Various Media; Music - Band & Choral; Drama - Plays

Physical Education

Kindergarten to 8th grade; Extra-curricular Sports - 5th to 8th grade


Kindergarten to 8th grade


Kindergarten to 8th grade