Expected School-Wide Learning Results

As a Christian School, St. John’s Lutheran will prepare life-long learners who are:


Responsible citizens who
  • Make decisions based on God’s Law and Gospel
  • Are collaborative workers
  • Recognize and develop individual strengths and abilities
  • Are positive contributors to society
  • Are aware of and respect diversity
  • Demonstrate competent, responsible use of technology
Effective communicators who
  • Communicate and reflect God’s love and forgiveness
  • Demonstrate literacy
  • Demonstrate listening skills
  • Articulate ideas constructively, clearly and creatively
Intrinsically motivated students who
  • Maintain a personal relationship with Christ
  • Maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrate a positive vision in setting goals
  • Appreciate culture and the arts
Problem solvers and critical thinkers who
  • Apply God’s Word in their daily lives
  • Develop and implement strategies to solve various problems
  • Analyze and apply new information
  • Demonstrate research and study skills