Beyond Our Horizon Capital Campaign

Sunday, May 22, 2016, officially kicked off the Beyond Our Horizon campaign. As part of that celebration, Pastors Dennis Hilken and Eric Van Scharrel shared a little bit about the history of St. John's, the current life of the congregation, and some of the direction we believe God is leading the family of St. John's in the future. Take a look at these videos below to get a sense of what you missed!

 Where We Are Today...

Much like those early leaders of St. John's Lutheran Church looked beyond the horizon of time to what the Lord held in store for the future His church here in Bakersfield, the leadership of St. John's has been looking to the future and how they might equip the future saints that follow in our footsteps. Through that vision, the idea for the Beyond Our Horizon campaign was born.

Prior to the ministry-wide launch of the Horizon campaign, church & school staff along with the Board of Directors, Elders, other leaders within the ministries of St. John's were visited by representatives from the church, school, or a representative of J.D. Klote & Associates (the firm hired to help us with this campaign) and asked to prayerfully consider participating in the campaign. Because of the overwhelming response of those individuals along with the generous addition of some matching gifts, we were excited to announce a preliminary total of $4,019,175.76 pledged as of the kick off of the event.

BOH Pledge Total

What That Means...

With more than $4 million pledged so far, we're well over half way toward our Victory Goal of $7.65 million.

Achieving that goal will allow us to complete construction of the Junior High Classroom Building, Conference Center, Sanctuary and Lobby expansion, as well as pay off our current mortgage debt! To help encourage us along our way, a generous matching gift has been made that will match, dollar for dollar, the next $750,000 in pledges made.

We know that God is faithful to His people when they are faithful in Him and as such, St. John's feels led to strive toward a Challenge Goal of an additional $1.6 million ($9.25 million total).

This will allow us to remodel the existing Jr. High building (that will become vacant with the completion of the new school building,) add additional parking on the southwest portion of the church property, as well as accelerate the pay off of the solar array allowing us to fully enjoy and utilize the cost saving benefits of solar on campus.

What's Next...

In the next weeks, you will be contacted by a staff member or representative of the ministries of St. John's to set up a time for a personal and individual meeting where they will briefly share the entirety of the expansion plan with you, answer any questions you may have, and then ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with the rest of the family of St. John's toward reaching our goal of completely funding the Beyond Our Horizon campaign. We're confident that, together, we can see this next phase of life for the ministries of St. John's into existence.

We can't wait to see what God has in store for the people of St. John's both today and Beyond Our Horizon. God is certainly at work through the dedication and generosity of His people here. In other words: we can do this!!!

Questions? Want To Get Involved?

Give us a call at the office (661) 665-7815 or email Spencer Peregoy.