A Letter from our Superintendent

Welcome to St. John’s
I’m so glad you’ve decided to inquire more about us and who we hope to be for the Bakersfield community. In a few brief sentences let me describe who we are. We are a Christian school. We are a learning community. We are a diverse collection of teachers, support staff, students, and parents that have become a family. We are dedicated to academic, music, and athletic excellence. We are dedicated to teaching the whole child (academic, spiritual, social-emotional, and physical). We strive to be the best possible alternative school option yet work in partnership with our local public schools. We are part of the Bakersfield community and hope to continue our involvement with many notable service and health-oriented partnerships. We are part of a larger world context as we support missions in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Our school and church-wide mission are to…
LOVE God and others
LEARN to be and make disciples
LEAD others to discover and live out their calling

These are the truths we hope to instill in our students from the moment they first step on campus.
I believe our students to be prepared to face the future with confidence and skill. Our students have continued to grow in love, while learning as much as they can, and definitely are becoming leaders here at St. John’s and in the community.

In Christ alone,
Evan Anwyl